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SCC Projects Executed


Al Hanouf Commercial and Residential Complex
Al-Hanouf Est.
Construction of Al-Hanouf Commercial and Residential Complex in Riyadh
Completion Date: October 1990
Al-Khaleej Training and Electronic Industries
Al-Khaleej Computers and Electronic Systems
Construction of Office Building in Riyadh
Completion Date: July 2004
Al-Jabr Eye & E.N.T.Hospital
Al-Jabre Trading Co.

Construction of Al-Jabr Eye and Ear-Nose-Throat Hospital in Hassa, Hofuf

Completion Date: October 2003
Al-Ouda Compound
Embrahim O.A. Al-Ouda, Riyadh
Al-Ouda Compound  in Olaya, Riyadh
Completion Date: 1996
Saudi Hollandi Bank, Shumaisi Branch
Saudi Hollandi Bank

Bank premises for the Saudi Hollandi Bank in Shumaisi, Riyadh, comprising of :

Basement - 1645 sq.m.

Ground Floor - 930 sq.m.

First Floor - 870 sq.m.

Total area:  3,445 sq.m.

Completion Date: November 2009
Toyota Showroom, Naseem Branch, Riyadh
Abdullatif Jameel Co. Ltd.

The Toyota Showroom Naseem Branch, constructed by SCC in 2007, comprises of ground, mezzanine, roof and workshop.

Ground Floor - 8,700 sq.m.

First Floor - 6,000 sq.m.

Total area: 14,700 sq.m.

Completion Date: December 2010
Mazda Car Showroom and Car Delivery Building, Al-Khobar
Messrs. Haji Hussein Alireza & Co. Ltd.

New Car Showroom and Car Delivery Building for Mazda in Al-Khobar

Complete Renovation of Car Show Room Building - 1,300 sq.m.


Construction of New Car Delivery Building, consisting of Ground Floor, First Floor and Second Floor - 1,075 sq.m. 

Completion Date: December 2010
Saudi Hollandi Bank, Tahlia Branch, Riyadh
Saudi Hollandi Bank
Saudi Hollandi Bank Project in Tahlia Branch, Riyadh
Completion Date: July 2008
Al-Rajhi Bank,Kilo - 14 Branch, Makka Road, Jeddah
Al-Rajhi Bank

Kilo-14  Branch  for the Al-Rajhi Bank in Jeddah

1,025 sq.m.

Completion Date: July 2010
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